The mega fractal

We employed a modern PC many days to compute a fractal picture with an absolute incredible resolution of more than 3 gigapixels (these are 3000 megapixels). Since no program can handle such a picture size, we have compressed it per SSAA (supersampling antialiasing, the same as in the Fractalizer) to an optical resolution of still over 130 megapixels.

This narrowed picture has about 0.25 megapixels:

Fractal 01 das Mega-Fraktal

A bigger version with 1.3 megapixels we have here. The original picture file with more than 130 megapixels is about 500 megabyte large, thus too large for downloading, but we have let print huge posters of it.

These posters have the dimensions of 119cm * 84cm, consist of thick paper, and look magnificent. You can order it on our german site: