The Fractalizer

Fractalizer program to download

Fractalizer V2.0 (fract_v2.exe) 1.38MB
for windows systems

Old version V1.0:
Fractalizer V1.0 (fract.exe) 1.31MB
for windows systems

A program to compute fractal pictures and zoom-videos of the Mandelbrot- and Julia-sets, with many examples, formula adaption and ample truecolor palettes.


With pressed mouse button you can drag a border on the Fractalizers image area to zoom in. So you get a new image, in which can be zommed again. Thereby the multicolored borders of the core are especially impressive.

However if you click only on one position of the image area, you can zoom out or choose other options.

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The Fractalizer is freeware. It's allowed to offer the Fractalizer on other sites for free downloading.

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