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Rough color stepsUsing a color palette with a small number of colors entails visible gradations of the individual colors. By increasing the finesteps and the palette size equally (same factor) Feine Farbabstufungen
the gradations will change to smooth transitions, without modifying the picture in other respects. Only the offset-adjustment should be also adapted, so that the colors have the same position on the image as before.

On the contrary, when you change the number of colors and the finesteps in opposite directions, or vary only one of that:

300 colorsIf in some zoom areas only a chaotic confusion is shown (like in the left pic), you can increase the number of colors in the palette, or decrease the finesteps. (If the number of colors exceeds 5000, you should rather decrease the finesteps.)
3000 colorsThen the same area looks like in the right picture, and in the former confusion you can see more details, whereas the color gradients in the upper area of the picture are nearly unicolored. Increasing the number of colors once more results in this:
15000 colorsThus the same area can look very differently, depending on the palette size and adjustment of finesteps.Palette size and finesteps adjustment
   Finesteps-control  and  field  for
   palette-size on the color palette:

without supersamplingFor as quickly as possible computing the supersampling can be adjusted to 1 x 1 (deactivated), but this will possibly impair the picture quality (like in the left picture).supersampling 10 x 10 pixels
A higher supersampling adjustment will compute for every pixel a whole block of pixels and calculate the average color. For zooming and adapting the color palette a fast computing is an advantage, but if you want to save a picture, it should be computed in higher quality before (for instance with supersampling 5 x 5).

Depth 500If there are gaps at the verges and in the center of helixes, you can increase the depth in the area-window.Depth 5000
In the right picture the depth was increased tenfold. The black gaps are closed, and the verges show the typical form of the Mandelbrot set.

Standard color paletteSuch helixes like in the lower area of the picture are to be found in the peaks, which are pointing to the center of the Mandelbrot basic form. In the left pic the helix windings have different colors.optimized size of color palette
Especially interesting effects arise by adapting the palette size exactly so, that the colors are accurately repeated in every winding. Then the same area looks like in the right picture.

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